How to configure SSID override with MAC variable in SSID

We are looking at switching to Cambium routers for use in the home for our customers. We are looking to create the SSID have "CompanyName WiFi XXXXXX", where XXXXXX would be the last 6 characters from the MAC address.

The default SSID on the R201 is "CAMBIUM_2.4GHz_OFC9D8" for example. I am trying to create a template that would also include those 6 characters from the MAC address.

Can that be done?



Something similar to this can be done using User-Defined Overrides with the device's full MAC address instead of the last six characters.  See the below Knowledge Base article for full instructions on using User-Defined Overrides.

Macros can be used to automatically insert the device's MAC address into the configuration file before it is sent to the device.  In the User-Defined Overrides section you would enter:

SSID1=CompanyName WiFi %{ESN}

"%{ESN}" will be replaced with the device's full MAC address.  The above link gives examples including all SSIDs for both the 2.4 and 5 GHz radios.  As a side note, %{MSN} can be used for inserting a device's serial number.

This can optionally be combined with replacement variables to further make the value unique per device but it doesn't sound like that's what you're looking for.  That is the focus of the Knowledge Base article, but hard coded values can be used instead of ${} values.

Did you work this out?  I'd like to set the WPA2 key to the last 6 digits of the MAC on our default template ready for engineers to change it.

As of now ,we only have an option of setting WPA Key or SSID to  device's full  mac address using macros as mentioned in earlier post  . We do not have option of setting only last 6 digits of MAC 

The default SSID on the routers has CAMBIUM_2.4GHz_XXXXXX Where XXXXXX is the last 6 of the devices MAC. 

Since cambium can make that SSID, why not give us the option to do the same?

I don't want a few thousand routers out there that say Cambium_2.4ghz_, as everyone will be saying "My neighbor has new internet from some company called cambium" 

For us to deploy thousands of these we need the ability to automatically push our branded SSID with the last 6 of the MAC in the ssid itself. 

Please make a new VAR like "%{6ESN}" that has last 6 only. 

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Totally agree with you, it may be ok for the smaller ISPs etc, but we need to deploy 3,000 units across 7 venues in a 3 month window, so being able to automatically deploy via the use of scripting would be so much easier.

Mikrotik have it right, if only there was a combination of Cambium hardware with Mikrotik ROS ;-)

you ever get this? somewhere in the factory default script is the tool that does this but i havent been able to scp into it to find it

I’ve been looking to do this for a while, but still cant. Having the full esn or msn isn’t what we need.

I’ve added the request for the last 6 character MAC address macro to our ticket tracker as a possible improvement. If this request is also added to the Ideas section in the community along with user votes would help the project managers give this request priority.

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