How to configure webcontent filter on cnMaestro


I need to configure a wifi network, I am asked to apply a content filter (to be more specific to block porn) since the site is for a public hotspot. I found the possibility of configuring “DNS ACL” which allows me to block or allow specific urls (or wildcards) but I want to see if there is any way to block by type of content in a general way, if any site escapes the norm, it could be done a DNS ACL to block.

The fastest way will be to use DNS and :slight_smile:

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Thats a great idea… Thank you so much…
I´ll test it… :metal:

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But you need a routing rule to block the network from being able to use other DNS servers. I redirect any request to on port 53 back to openDNS.

If they have a VPN… skips right past my router.

Hi! @Springs

I tested the DNS addresses and worked fine…

Thats a good advise, so anyone can´t use a static dns to bypass. Do you have a picture, where to configure that redirection?

It’s done on my router.

Basically the rule catches the requests to and and accepts that.

Anything else on port 53 is redirected back to

oh ok perfect… I Tought it was on the AP.

Thanks!, all of you are very helpfull!