How to connect epmp f180 to a standard wifi

Please help me step by step what I need to do to connect my epmp to a normal wifi…
In house number one I have a epmp f180 in ap mode connected to the ISP the epmp is connected to one cnpilotR190W.
And this cnpilot broadcasts standard wifi signal…
1020 meters away in house #2
I have a epmp with another cnpilotR190W.
This epmp is not connected to the ISP …
In house #2 I want to use the epmp to connect to the standard wifi of the house #1. So that the epmp in house #2 receives the internet through that standard wifi signal then make it broadcast it through the cnpilotR190W that I have there at house #2.
So that I could have internet in house #2.
Please guide me what I need to configure and how…thank you very much