How to create and edit PMP items in the Offline Map?

Working with the Offline Map

V4.2.4 introduces new commands to the context-sensitive menu in the Offline Map to make it easier to create and edit items, particularly when working with larger networks. The new menu commands available for each object type are:

  • All items
    • Edit – Edit the item in a tear-off panel
  • Network site
    • Create hub – Create a hub at the selected site (only available if the site does not already contain a hub)
    • Create access point – Create a new access point at the selected site (only available if the selected item is a hub site)
  • Access point
    • Attach subscribers – Select subscriber sites to create PMP links


To display the menu, right-click on an item in the Offline Map. When running on a Mac, right-click may not be enabled and it is necessary to hold down the control key whilst left-clicking on the item to display the menu.

Editing items

The Edit command opens the tear-off window with the appropriate panel for the item. This window will float above the main LINKPlanner window until it is closed, allowing quick and easy viewing of the changes directly on the map.


Attaching subscribers

The Attach subscribers command opens the Add a new SM dialog window. This window displays the subscriber sites that are within range of the access point. Any subscriber sites that are not linked to an access point will be selected by default. Clicking OK in this dialog will create PMP links between the access point and the subscriber sites.