How to customize Access Points using Formatting Rules

How to customize Access Points using Formatting Rules


LINKPlanner version 4.3.9 supports formatting rules for Access Points. Similar to PTP Formatting rules, AP rules can be used to control the style and visibility of Access Points when exporting to different formats or when viewing the Access Points in the project or map. If the rule evaluates to true for the Access Point, then the configured rule actions are applied. The rules are applied in the order that they are defined in the Formatting List. To change the order of the items, drag and drop them to new location.

The underlying functionality for Access Point formatting is very similar to that for PTP and can be referenced from following article.

When an AP is excluded from reports and exports, an Access Point (and its associated PMP Links) will not be shown in the BOM or reports at the hub or PMP network level. If all Access Points on a hub site have been excluded, the hub site and any hub level equipment will not be shown at the PMP network level.


When a PMP Link is excluded individually using the PMP Formatting rules, the PMP link will not be included in the BOM, reports or Performance analysis at the Access Point level, as well as at the hub and PMP Network levels.


The Access Point has an additional option to Hide PMP Links on the map when the AP is also hidden.