How to get onboarded devices to show on map?

I can not get my onboarded devices to show up on the map. I do have the device boarded to the correct network and tower But it will not load past that.


Please make sure GPS Latitude and Longitude for the radios are configured on them. This is under Configuration>> System >> Location Services. 

If they have the co-ordinates, the device should show up on the Cn-Maestro Map. If not, then you might see the below error. 


Kumaran K

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Thank you. I should have been more clear, im only using the r200p routers at the moment. How do I configure those? Can’t wait for PMP 450 line to get released into CN Maestro!

In general, if devices have lat/long defined, cnMaestro will use those values when the device is onboarded.

For ePMP APs, if they are placed on a tower, in cnMaestro, the AP will inherit the tower's lat/long location.

From cnMeastro, the device location can be set as follows.

1)  Click on the individual device in the tree

2)  From the main menu, select Configure --> Device.

3)  You can explicitly set the lat/long values or you can click on the "Set the device location using map" hyperlink

4)  If using the map, enter either an exact street address or a city/town name in the map's SEARCH box.  A dot will be placed on the map.  Use your mouse to drag and drop the dot to the exact location.  If desired, switch to "satellite view" in the map.

5)  Click SAVE

Ok, so its a manual entry, not an automatic pull say from the SM's gps cords. Thanks.