How to give priority to voice in CANOPY - ARRANTO Link


How can I give priority for the voice using a canopy link as a channel for transmit data or voice, I´m using Arranto 100TE multiplexer E1 to transmit and recive voice by a canopy backhaul using also cluster manager.

I know how to give priority on arranto but not on Canopy.

if you know something about that, Please let me know how to do that.


I would also like to know.

basically setting up release 6.1 canopy software on BHaul is possible give priority and then is necessary select the frames ethernet with the bit “delay” in the TOS parameter equal to “1” on the VoIP appliance, with this last parameter the canopy will know the priority for voice.

(thanks to Daniel, Regional Technical Manager
Canopy - Latin America Support)