How to ID an Advantage AP?

I think I have an Advantage AP, at least that’s what is says on the invoice, but not sure.

I have a crane scheculed for Monday early AM, and am getting a little nervous. I can’t seem to get any of my SM-Lites to register with the AP and am concerned that the AP may not be an Advantage which I understand it must be for the lites to hookup to it. Sure need to find out before 6:00 AM tomorrow.

The AP’s web interface displays:
Device Type: 5.7GHz Multipoint-Access Point
S/W Ver: CANOPY 7…9 Jul 23, 2005 01:49:03 AP-DES

Any timely advice sure would be welcome. Thanks. -JR

I believe the part numbers are:

5700AP for a 5.7GHz non advantage AP
5750AP for a 5.7GHz advantage AP
5700SM for a 5.7GHz non advantage SM
5750SM for a 5.7GHz advantage SM
5760SM for a 5.7GHz SM Lite

you can find the part numbers on the label on the back of the device.

you can also look at the web page for the module and if it is adavantage

it will say in the splash picture from canopy at the top.

Here the Advantage Splash screen was staring right out of my monitor for the last week, and I couldn’t see it!<sheepish grin>