How to make the horrible Force dish mount actually kind of awesome

In my opinion the Force110 dishes have the worst mounting solution of any antenna mount I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.  I think it is probably the worst in the industry and almost makes the dish unusable.

One of the pictures is my attempt to fix the awful mounting of the force dish.  I was later watching a video on how to install a Mimosa B5  and realized that my solution would work better if I put the middle nuts inside the pipe saddle/bracket instead of between the saddle/bracket and the mounting plate as I did in the  picture below.

 Independent adjustment of Vertical or Horizontal ! !   It allows you to lock down one position (Vertical or Horizontal) while you adjust the other. You loosen/tighten the nuts on the dish mounting plate end to adjust/lock vertical and you loosen/tighten the nuts on the saddle end of all-thread to adjust horizontal.  So much better than attempting to juggle the dish and carriage bolts while aiming the dish.  We actually went back on a couple of Force installs where I knew they had to be misaligned and replaced the carriage bolts with this and greatly improved the signal because it made it possible to correctly aim the dish.

You can even attache the saddle/bracket to the  pipe/j-arm and then install the dish on the saddle. 

As you can see from the picture of the Mimosa B5 the inner saddle/bracket has a nut welded to it  and that would be better than my hack , what you can't see is there is a nut (not a bolt head) on the other side of the plate just as in my hack (except it is a self locking nut so no flat/lock washers to juggle around while trying to install it). 

Hacking the Force Dish's mount is time consuming and adds a little extra cost but  my installers don't hate the Force dishes anymore ! That means better installs and no more problems with them installing bare radios when they should have installed a force dish.


Excellent hack!  Jirous and other quality dishes have a similar bracket that makes installing and aligning them much easier that the Force 110 mount.