How to mitigate Incompatible software version error while onboarding new devices to cnmaestro cloud

Recently in cnMaestro Cloud servers the minimum recommended versions for the devices has been changed to the following versions in order to make sure that the connectivity between cnMaestro and devices are stable always

ePMP :- 3.5.6

PMP :-

cnPilot E series :- 3.11.2-r2

cnPilot R series :- 4.4.2-R2

cnMatrix :- 2.0.4-r1

If the user tries to onboard devices having lower version than the versions mentioned above then they will be getting the error Incompatible software version.

To overcome this error  in your Cloud account under the Application->Settings the option for "Allow Automatic update of devices" should be enabled for particular type of device. If the option is enabled cnMaestro updates the newly Onboarding devices to the latest minimum recommended software version for that device type before onboarding and the onboarding will be successful. Enabling this option won't upgrade already onboarded or managed devices hence they will not get effected.