How to monitor back-up loop


We have interesting use case. We have two switches that are connected via fiber optics and we would like to add ePMP link for a back-up. Company uses Cisco switches with features called Flex Links (similar to STP). My challange: if fiber is working we have both radios online on cnMaestro, but radio link it self might be actually down. How can we monitor radio link status, instead devices via ping or something?

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EDIT: I don’t know if ePMP section of this forum is suitable for this question, feel free to move it somewhere else.

What I have notices with cnMaestro is the SM’s status is based on being wirelessly connected to the AP. In my environment we are Point-to-Multipoint not PTP for camabium wireless. We do have some Ubiquiti nanobeams for PTP.

I have seen it where an SM has a link to the lan via another route/connection from its connected switch but is disconnected from it’s AP. cnMaestro reports it as offline but I can access the SM by its IP through the alternate route.

Once the SM connects wirelessly with its AP again then cnMaestro reports it online again.

The switch will handle best route/port to use based on the protocol used, Flex Links in your case, STP in mine. Although I do have to over ride link/port costs and priority as I find our switching gear links to take a RJ45 copper port over a SFP with fibre modules.

If you have a snmp system already you can poll one or both radios for wireless status and get a very clean up (1) or down (0) status.

I will check all these options, thank you.