How to Onboard cnMatrix on cnMaestro

Summary: This is an informative knowledge base article which explains, how to Onboard cnMatrix switch on cnMaestro.

Cause: This is an informative knowledge base article for the first time cnMatrix switch users.

Prerequisites for Onboarding the cnMatrix Switch: -

  1. A registered account on cnMaestro.
  2. CnMatrix switch to be onboarded should be upgraded to the latest software version.
  3. The serial number of the cnMatrix device to be Onboard on cnMaestro handy.
  4. PC and cnMatrix switch both are connected to the Internet source.


  1. Open “” in the browser and click on “Sign in” on the right top corner of the webpage.

  1. After signing in the account, please click on “Onboard Devices.

  1. On the Onboard Page under the Onboard Tab, please click on “Claim Device


  1. New Dialog box will pop- up. In this Dialog Box, please type in the serial number of the cnMatrix device to be onboarded and then click on “Claim Devices”.
  2. Success” message will be displayed. Please close the dialog box after reading the message:



  1. On the screen, the claimed device will be displayed with the “Waiting for Device Approvalunder the Please click on the “Approve” button on the right-hand side of the screen.           


  1. Once you approve the status, depending upon the Internet Speed, after a few minutes, the status will change to “Onboarded
  2. After the successful Onboarding, on the left bottom corner of the cnMatrix switch, the light indicating cnMaestro will glow steady blue. This is an indication for the successful Onboarding of cnMatrix on cnMaestro.


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Is this post deprecated?

Our cnMaestro onPremises is asking for a mac address, not a serial number.

Serial number for cloud version, mac address for on prem version of cnmaestro

Can I onboad cnmatrix on both cnmaestro cloud and cnmaestro onpremise accounts?

That is not possible, device can be onboarded only on one controller

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