How to onboard cnpilot with two wlans

I am trying to onboard a cnpilot with two SSID configured.

Once I onboard to cnmaestro, I loose the second configuration.

What can I do

Second ssid is already configured in maestro ?

On the cnpilot not on cnmaestro

The proper process would be to create an AP Group and the 2 WLANs that you want in cnMaestro. Then onboard the cnPilot into the AP Group, or assign the cnPilot to the AP Group after you’ve onboarded it. Then, any changes to the configuration are done through cnMaestro, and you should not log into the AP directly after that. Any changes you make in the AP Group are pushed out to the AP after you have saved the config changes.

You can apply many AP’s to an AP Group, or create as many AP Groups as you need.


In addition, you can override the SSID on individual devices in the Advanced Settings > WLAN section when in the configuration tabs. This lets you set an SSID that is different than what is set in the AP Group.