How to power 6 ptp600 on rack equipment

Anybody knows how to power 4-6 ptp600, in a rack, and that looks good?

is there  a 1-2 U equipment that can power 4-6 ptp600?

Can cmm5 power ptp600?


Thanks for the enquiry.

PTP 600 is not compatible with the CMM5, and they will not work together. The polarity of the DC supply is different between the two units.

We don't know of a suitable solution to this need, apart from mounting six PIDUs on a shelf and wiring them neatly.



Whats the polarity and data cable layout for the PTP600 power supply?


The power from the PTP 600 PIDU and the AC+DC Enhanced Power Injector is as follows:

Positive: RJ-45 pins 4/5 and 7/8

Negative: RJ-45 pins 1/2 and 3/6

The Ethernet data follows the standard RJ-45 layout.

The power from the PIDU or Power Injector is floating. It might be grounded on one side in the remaining part of your installation.

I've used a 1U Eltek Flatpack 2 48VDC Rectifier shelf and Rectifier.