How to provide access to one user to an specific network

Hello friends… I have this situation and I have one client as MSP that wants to get access to the cnPilot devices monitoring system so he wants to be able to check who’s connected and for how long. But I have all of my clients in one single cnMaestro account.

The problem is that if I grant him access to cnMaestro, he will have visibility to all the other networks at least that is what I understand from providing access to a user.
Is there a way to give him visibility only to his specific network?

I know that I can migrate all of his devices to an specific account and give me access to that specific account but then I will have to be logging in to different cnMaestro accounts to control all the MSP clients that wants to have visibility to their network.

Any advise will be very well appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi  NetBrowser, 

                This can be done using MSP.  Create a MSP branded service and add a Managed account and map the branded service to the account. Please provide an email while creating Managed account thru which the user can register himself and access his devices and client details. 

               Let me know if you need more information 


Hi  NetBrowser,  

           Sorry forgot to add one more point to my earlier comment,  While the Managed user will view only his devices and clients, you can view all the devices and clients which is managed under different MSP accounts in a single(Base) login. 



Thank you Anandakrishnan, can you please guide on how to create a MSP account? It’s been a long time since I’ve created my cnMaestro accoubt and I was going through the registration process and and don’t see that option.

Thanks again for your help.

Is there a way to limit access via vlan?  For example, if we have a customer who has his radios in vlan 100 and another customer who has radios in vlan 300, is there a way to limit the radios they see when they log into cnMaestro?

Hi NetBrowser, 

                   As of now this is available in on-premise cnMeastro. Are you using the cloud version or on-premise version of the cnMaestro.