How to recover password

I have my SM working, but I cannot change or reset it to factory and I cannot remember the password on it.

is there a way I can change it?

Contact MOTO SUpport. We had a hacker get into one of our AP’s and they changed the FREQ’s and PW… MOTO was able to get into it and change the PW to what you want it but in our case they wont tell you what the password was because they dont want to get involved if you take legal action.

I see that. I am not sure if somebody replaced it, or if I might have pressed the wrong key while doing it. Sounds bad. =(

try inputting you password in all caps. I’ve hit the CAPS LOCK a few times by mistake when typeing. Could be as simple as that.

if you open up the case, there is either a silver rectangle or a copper grid mesh, if you cut a quarte inch by quarter inch square in the center of that, there is a reset switch under it.


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