How to revert elevation on Mikrotik

Is there a way to revert back to mikrotik when you elavated to cambium? And how to do so?

The only way is through Netinstall…

Is there a specific way to do it with netinstall some settings I have to change on the radio itself to get netinstall to show the radio?

Can anyone help with the procedure

Just finished mine 5 min ago, had to format my pc back to windows 7 and disabled my firewall. Tried everything on windows 10 but didn’t want to work. You can just download netinstall from mikrotik site. When you open it you click on “Net booting”. You must enable boot server. Client IP address I added Then you just have to press and hold the reset button and plug in the POE, just give a few seconds the you will see it will appear under Routers/Driver. You can select it and select your packages you want to upload and click install. It will start the install and reboot automatically.
Hope this helpsCapture


Did you change your computer ip address in the network settings

I only added a static ip of, with no gw and no dns. I also disconnected from my network and worked through a switch so that the computer network does not disconnect.

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