How to run Spectrum analyzer on ePMP to choose Less Interference Channel

Spectrum Analyzer is used to check the interference level on the available frequencies on the radio.


The following are the steps which needs to be taken into consideration while running Spectrum analyzer on ePMP:


Step 1:- Please make sure that one should have direct access to AP or SM to run spectrum analyzer as Spectrum Analysis causes the SM to enter scan (receive)mode and the SM drops all RF connections.


Step 2:- Select Radio Mode as Spectrum Analyzer, save it and Reboot the radio as shown in the figure below:


1.JPGStep 3:- Login to the SM and navigate to Tools => Spectrum Analyzer. Following screen is displayed:


Select Download Spectrum Analyzer Tool, A Warning may be displayed on the bottom of the page stating that “this type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep ePMP 1000 spectral jnlp anyway” .click on Keep as shown in the figure below:

 2.JPGStep 4: Open the downloaded file and the Following screen is displayed


Note: - Java Runtime Environment is required on the PC/Laptop to run the AP spectrum analyzer.



Step 5:- Click Range (available on the top of the page) to select the range of frequencies to scan and Click Start Scan (available on the bottom of the page) to begin scanning.



 Step 6:- Choose the frequency as per the analysis of spectrum scan i.e. the frequencies that have interference value closer to -100dbm.


 Step 7:- When scanning is complete, follow these steps to return the device to AP operation:

  1. a) In the spectrum analyzer application, click Stop Scan
  2. b) Close the spectrum analyzer application by clicking File => Exit
  3. c) On the AP/SM GUI, navigate to Configure => System
  4. d) Configure Device Mode to AP or SM
  5. e) Click the Save button and Reset button to reboot the device.
  6. F) The Devices comes back as AP/SM as per the configuration.


Note: Please run the Spectrum analyzer only on Local radios not on the remote radio as spectrum analysis causes the radio to enter scan mode and it drops all RF connections. The radio can only be accessed via the Ethernet port.