How to Run update On EPMP AP


how can i run Update on EPMP AP that will automatically upgrade all the Subscriber Module?


If I understand your question correctly, you are looking for a way to automatically upgrade SMs. The AP itself does not have this ability. Cambium Networks does provide tools that can help you with this, CNS and CNUT for example.

You can find more info about these tools here.

Management tools forum can be found here.


cnMaestro is probably going to be the best way to do this.

I wouldn't suggest CNS at this point.

If this is something you need to do right away, CNS isn't that bad. We use it, and have pushed many many client updates over it. One click, SMs download the software, Install it and reboot. As for the APs, you have to upgrade them two times like you do from the Web UI. If you want a solution you can run today try CNS, if your not in a hurry wait for cnMaestro.