How to see ethernet drops or LAN speed changes


We are looking for an easy way to spot LAN/ethernet drops on our CPE and if there's link speed changes like from 1000 Mbps to 100 or 10 Mbps in a log. The system log on Ubiquiti devices is really great and shows days worth of logs so we can easily tell if ethernet is acting up with drops or link speed changes.

With Cambium, the log only shows 10 lines of logs it seems and there's 6 levels of verbose we can choose. 

Any ideas? Thank you

One option is you can set up a syslog server, accepting logging across the network from radios.  You can also query ethernet status periodically via SNMP.  Unfortunately the ePMP product line doesn't offer the "ethernet link loss" counter (nor radio session loss counters) of other old and current PtMP Cambium radios.  I don't remember at the moment what logging facility is used for ethernet status changes, but I want to say it's Notices...


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ePMP does count radio session drops fine under the Monitor>Performance page but I'm hoping Cambium has a simple way to view ethernet drops besides setting up a syslog server. We don't want to do this for all SM's and have all that traffic hitting the server for new reason.

Can Cambium comment on if there's an easy way to see ethernet link drops or link speed changes using the internal log? 

Thank you