How to setup two radio as failover and loadbalancing using ptp 650?

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Please help, I have a scenario that my client's want to implement, two radio each site as a failover or loadbalance the link. physical diagram is site1:radio1,radio2 and site2:radio3,radio4. Client has ptp650 radio and they ask us to implement it. Is this possible to implement? I just have basic knowledge about cambium radio like master and slave setup one radio each site but this failover not yet, what do I need to consider to configure? when we setup first radio is link capacity is almost 451mb but the 2nd radio is still not good 170mb only, same radio, location and direction/angle. The configuration is all default beside setting up master and slave, remote ip and mac address. Can you help me please. Thank you!!!

The PTP650 itself doesn't support this, your simplest answer is likely to set up the two links and have something like a mikrotik router or similar at each end that will support failover or load-balancing between multiple ethernet links.


The configuration you are referring is a 2+0 link with PTP650 which it doesn't support. This will need to be done with a external Layer 2 switches using a Link Aggregration Protocol which will allow for load balancing and fail over capabilities. Now the other part to consider with 2 active PTP650 links are: use of external antennas, antenna isolation between links, synchronization and fix frequency planning. That way the radios don't interfere with each other and perform well in co-existence.

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You can use a 3rd party switch and setup a link aggregation group with the PTP650 radios. The radios are transparent to the LACP control traffic. You can use Cisco or Extreme switches, they all support LACP & LAG. Try not to use inband management because you may get trouble trying the manage the radios through the aggregation group. But if you have to do that, we have experience using Extreme switch to do this.