How to Synchronize AP's In An Given Group

Dear sir How to synchronize different AP’s in an WLAN Group


Select the network/site where your APs are located. Navigate to Configurations and execute the following:

  • Select device type
  • Select AP Group Profile
  • Select APs that has to be updated with above selected AP Group
  • Click on "Apply Configuration".

PFA screenshot for reference.

Dear sir

I have done these steps but can't add cnPilot e501 Model AP's in AP's Group.

Please rectify it

I have share an snapshot


Please increase pagination size to 50. All APs will be displayed. PFA snapshot for your reference.

Dear sir

I have done all these steps but can't add AP's to current Group.

I also share snapshot it. 


Please raise a support ticket. This seems to be configuration issue.

Our support team will be able to help you.

Thank You.


If you scroll towards the right side on the job page, you should see icon that tells us why job was not completed. 

I have attached the reference screen shot.  

Hi Kunal, 

Send an email to me and I will have one of the support person to contact you.


i have send u the error message as an attachment