How to unlock Channel width 10 or 5 at ePMP F300-25L

Hello, I’m new to the ePMP 300 25L device, so far what I know is that the default frequency in lock and the default software is 4.6.xx, I’ve uploaded the license key and unlock frequency, as well as firmware upgrades and tx power are no longer limited. but the channel width is still stuck at 20. can it open CH 10 or 5? and how?


F300-25L supports only 20/40/80MHz.


Cambium decided to remove those features between the ePMP1000/2000 series which had them, to the Force 300 series. Technically, the Force300-19 still has the narrower channels, but the other radios just don’t have full backwards compatibility.

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guys thanks for the answer. just curious about that.
thanks a lot. :heart: