How to Update ePMP GPS Coordinates?

How do I go about getting cnMaestro to use the GPS coordinates of my APs without me having to log in to the web interface on every one of my APs and clicking the "update" button?


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Only way I know of (for now) other than webUI is via SNMP.  I would use a quickie script like the following (we have a mysql DB with all radio IPs, makes it easy to loop over the snmpset for every AP):


for ip in $(mysql -sss -p dbname -u user -e ‘select ip from ap where type like “epmp%” and expect=1 order by ip asc;’);
echo $ip;
snmpset -v2c -cprivate $ip cambiumpmp80211GPSAutopopulate.0 i 1
snmpset -v2c -cprivate $ip cambiumpmp80211ConfigurationApply.0 i 1

Presumes database named ‘dbname’ and table named ‘ap’ with field ‘type’ and ‘ip’, username ‘user’ having select access and it will ask on command line for password.

Also presumes snmp-write community string is default 'private'.



Thank you!  I somehow missed cambiumpmp80211GPSAutopopulate.

Not a problem.  I'd commented before that I'd really like to be able to (from within cnMaestro) trigger autopopulate from internal GPS, and auto-assign APs to towers based on GPS.  (or suggest creating a new Tower in cnMaestro when a newly-monitored AP has GPS location that doesn't match up with an existing tower)


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