How to update multiple Access Points on 3.0.0x

I wonder if anyone can help. I can’t find the software update option for multiple Access Points across WLAN groups. Previously this was under system, and you could select all out of date firmware devices and push an update.

Now it seems that this isn’t possible anymore, or the options have moved elsewhere - can anyone point me in the right direction (we have several hundred sites & groups, so updating bit by bit isn’t practical long-term). We also don’t do automatic updates until we have tested the latest on some test hardware.

Hi ,

The option for software update across multiple AP Groups is still present at System level under the software update tab. At AP Group level it is present under the APs tab ->AP Software update page. The behaviour is also same in both wifi or enterprise view and Access and Backhaul view.

At system level under the software update select the device type as Enterprise WiFi E series for updating enterprise wifi devices and Enterprise WiFi XV series for updating XV series devices.


Thanks very much, I think I was experiencing a bug last week as the system view - was stuck on veue group level, and I could no longer get all the Ap’s to list.

Today on logging in it is as you describe - thanks again.

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