How to Upgrade the cnMatrix switch to the latest Software Version

Summary: This is an informative knowledge base article which explains, how to upgrade the cnMatrix switch to the latest Software Version.

Cause: This is an informative knowledge base article for the first time cnMatrix switch users.

Prerequisites for Upgrading the cnMatrix Switch.

  1. Current Image file (cnMatrix-EX2K-2.0.4-r1.img) for the latest Software version has been downloaded on the PC
  2. SFTP server tool has been Downloaded and Installed on the PC.
  3. Putty software has been Downloaded and Installed on the PC.
  4. PC is connected to the cnMatrix Switch with an Ethernet wire on its Management Port.

NOTE-2: - As the default IP on the Switch Management port is, please assign the IP of the same IP address range to the PC. For example, in this case, we are using


  1. Start the SFTP server by clicking on the dropdown button at the bottom of the SFTP window on “Start”:


  1. Once the server has started it will show the status as “Started” in the same window and Service status as “Running”:


  1. Now click on the Putty icon on the PC. A dialog box will appear as shown below: -


      4. Type in the default IP address of the cnMatrix switch ( in the box given below the Host Name (or IP address) and click on “Open”: -                                                          


  1. A console window will come up on the screen prompting for “login as”:
    1. Type in “admin” in front of “login as:” prompt.
    2. Another prompt in the next line will ask for the password
    3. Type in “admin” in front of “password:” prompt.


  1. Hit the enter key on the keyboard and we will be able to login successfully in the switch as follows:


  1. Check the Software version of the switch using the command “show system information

NOTE:  It will be on default version (2.0-r1) initially on the first use:


  1. Upgrade the switch by using the following command:
    1. download agent sftp://user:user@


  1. On a successful Download, we will get the message on the screen “Image download successful” and “Please reboot the switch
    1. Reboot the switch by using “boot” command and press enter and then letter “Y” on the keyboard:


  1. Also, check the SFTP server. It will also display the file information under the Message Column :


    11. After the successful reboot, please check the software version by using the command “show system information” on the switch. It would be updated to the newer version (2.0.4-r1). The cnMatrix switch has been upgraded successfully.



How do I add a password for the SFTP user account so that the switch can connect and download the firmware?


To upgrade the firmware on cnMatrix using the CLI, please use the following syntax, where ‘user’ is the login name and ‘pass’ is the password. You can also use the Web GUI for the upgrade.

CA030# download agent sftp://user:pass@

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