How to upgrade the ePMP radios:- From the ePMP UI

The current software version can be seen at the bottom of the GUI page or under Tools>> Software Upgrade >>software version as shown in figure:

Step 1: The software path should be followed as mentioned below depending upon the current software version on the radios.

1.x >>2.1 >>  2.6 >> 2.6.1 thru latest

Step 2: Check if you have a GPS Sync radio or Non-GPS Sync radio, this information is available under Monitor>> System >> Hardware Version as shown in the figure:

Step 3: Download the software version from our support website, below is the link for the same: (depending upon radios hardware version i.e GPS/NON GPS. )

Note: Use tar.gz files to upgrade the radio’s directly from GUI.

For the GPS Sync'd radio use the tar.gz package which is available for GPS Sync radio’s, for example: ePMP-GPS_Synced-v2.6.1.tar.gz

For the NON GPS radio use the tar.gz package which is available for Non-GPS Sync radio’s, for example: ePMP-NonGPS_Synced-v2.6.1.tar.gz


Step 4: Upload the software on the radio under Tools>> Software Upgrade >> click on browse >>select the file which is going to be upload >>click on upgrade

Step 5:  Once the upgrade is complete you will get a confirmation message that the “Radio is successfully upgrade and please reboot the unit”, Reboot the radio.

Note 1 : Please ensure that power to the device is not interrupted during a software upgrade.

Note 2:  The GPS-Sync radio has 2 software banks.  The upgrade process will need to be performed twice to upgrade both banks. 

Once you upgrade the radio the existing software on the Active Bank will move to the Inactive bank and the new software will be installed on the Active Bank.