How to use ePMP CLI “config import” command?

Hello everyone

As the title states, I’m trying to import a configuration using the “config import” command but nothing happens even after “config save”, “config apply” and other combinations. The json file being imported does not have any errors since it came from a working SM, the return message says it downloaded it correctly and “config import errors” does not return anything useful, only the name of the file where errors are stored.

So, does anyone have a working example of how to use the “config import” command?

Thanks in advance

Hello Brubble1

Thanks for your response.

The CLI does not give me access to those files directly as it has a limited set of commands you can use. I did, however, follow your advise and used the web interface to upload the config file to see if it had any errors. As you suspected, the config file I had was from a previous ePMP version and there was one value which was set to “0” that is no longer valid on the latest ePMP versions. I changed the value accordingly and everything started working correctly with the “config import” command.

Thanks again!


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