How well do Ubiquiti Sectors work with ePMP1000

Im trying to avoid buying another Cambium sector for the time being, but i do have some airmax ones AM-5g19. How well do they work with the Cambium ePMP1000 for 5ghz? 

I read somewhere that i would need to purchase a mounting bracket. 

Any other thoughts? 

Thank You

With one of these brackets you can mount the ePMP radio directly to the back of the sector and use the jumpers included with the sector.  Keep in mind that the RP-SMA connectors on the ePMP radio will sit a bit taller than the UBNT radio.  This makes the jumpers a bit tight to install but it works.

You could also purchase the Cambium pole mount bracket for the radio and some longer jumpers.

From an RF perspective the UBNT sector will work fine.