http access hotspot

Cambium support would like to seee the GUI of one of our clients hotspots, however I am unable to figure out how to set up or assign a web server port to the hotspot in order to forward that port through the cnPilot and access it remotely.

I have done this with many other devices, mostly Ubiquity and Deliberant devices, but I do not understand how to do this with the hotspot.

Can someone help with this detail?  This must be a simple operation, but I cannot find anything related in the Cambium Community forums either.

While I do agree, it's nice having the flexiblity to change the management ports on individual devices, in this instance, you can use port forwarding to your advantage. Simply set the outside facing port on the public interface on your router to something different, like 8080, and have it in turn forward to whatever port your management is on on the hotspot.

Ex. 9000 router outside intface - > https/443 hotspot web management