Hung AP

Good afternoon.
There is a problem. Access point periodically hung.
In a network is present three clusters, authentication on BAM server.
Also are used VLAN.
License on BAM it is enough.
Periodically there is inaccessible a WEB-interface on access point.
ICMP (ping), telnet, snmp are accessible.
Sometimes together with the WEB-interface the radiopart is disconnected.
Subscribers are not capable to be connected to access point.
It is necessary to reload access point on telnet.
After reload all works normally.
The problem arises on all access point with periodicity of times in a week.
The version is used 7.3.6 DES.
In what there can be a problem?
The problem arose and with the previous versions firmware.
Excuse my english,

did you assign your AP’s the public or private IP addresses?

To clarify: When the AP cannot be accessed through the Web interface, your subscribers are unable to connect to the AP - is this correct?

If this is correct, check the bridge entry timeout in the AP and the SM. It should be set higher than the Bridge Entry timeout in your router. We set the radios to 1000 minutes.

As Marwill mentioned, you will want to use a private IP address scheme for your canopy network. If you use a public IP address, eventually the Web interface will stop responding, but the AP will still pass traffic.

Good afternoon.
We use public IP addresses.
When the AP cannot be accessed through the Web interface, ours subscribers are unable to connect to the AP.
It occurs in most cases.
Not a problem that the Web-interface stops.
Problem in that AP ceases to pass the traffic.
CMM connected to the Catalyst 2950.
We have established bridge entry timeout on all AP and SM in 1000 minutes.
But in three days the situation has repeated.
The Web-interface was disconnected and AP (one of four) has ceased to pass the traffic.
What it is possible to make still?
Excuse my english,

Canopy works best with private IP address assigned.

Reset the AP to factory defaults, reconfigure, and install a private IP address.

If problem persists, move the AP to another port on the CMM

Thank for your answer.
We cannot proceed now from public IP addresses on private.
For this purpose it will be necessary to change addressing of all network.
Everything hangs not concrete AP.
Hangs all AP, only with different intervals.
So switching on other port CMM will not solve a problem.

If you leave your Canopy network on a public scheme, you will continue to have alot of problems.

You need to change the Canopy IP’s to private before you can accurately troubleshoot your problem.

any specific reason for using public IP address ?

Mayde we can refresh this topic?
I have the same problem.
port tcp 80 (WEB html) hang up. Any other trafic pass forward, only port TCP 80 hang up totaly (input and forward).
only one way how to get it back - reset from telnet.
But this is not secured way how to work with AP in the Internet.
Maybe someone know how to make this Canopy work stable.

I have CANOPY 7.3.6

Do you have a public IP in the radio?

Yes only public. We need access AP from anywhere (I’m mobile). on both site we have Mikrotik routers. If we wont change from public to local, then we need reprogram they.
I read about changing IP to local( … blems.html), but now it’s imposible. :frowning: , maybe you have some other way how to solf this problem?

You will have to modify this to work on your MicroTik routers, but this is how to have a private Canopy network and still remotely administer it.

Set up a computer with remote access. This can be a Winows computer with VNC, a Windows Server with Remote Desktop, or a Linux computer with Remote Access such as VNC. In this computer install a Network card that will allow you to bind multiple IP addresses to it.

Give the computer one of your public IP addresses, and one of the private IP addresses. We use for our Windows 2003 Server. This computer will allow you to access your network by starting a a remote session, and then access your private network through MSIE or Firefox.

If you are inside the network, then you can just type in the Private IP address into your browser and access the device.

Jerry i right on the money we do this with rdp all the time.


HI Jerry,

Using VNC / RDP, can 2 or more users log in and work ?

i don;t want to spend money on terminal server licences ! if any other solutin can be found which can make these people work simultaneously.

I believe that if you use windows 2000 server it comes with terminal service and all xp boxes automatically get a licence.

hope that helps

You need a server in order to have multiple users logged in.

A machine running a Linux Server like CentOS can handle multiple desktops at the same time. CentOS is a free distribution and is essentially RedHat4 with all the RedHat labels removed. It supports VNC and RDP.

Alternately a Windows2000 or 2003 server will work as well

Thanks for the reply. XP comes with licence, but does win2k pc’s ?

and also when installing centos, i need to install X server ?

sorry for stupid ques !

I heard that the new version 8 software is supposed to fix the public IP hanging problem.

I don’t know about the licensing. I think that if you buy Win2k server, your XP machines should be able to connect using the internal license.

CentOS allowed me to remote in from my win2000/XP machines using RDP without any additional software. I did not try to log in from multiple machines.

Ultimately we went with Windows2003 Server but I think if I were doing this on a shoestring I would build the CentOS machine and use it for MRTG, remote access, etc. i would build another one for Mail.

Windows2003 has been very, very stable. We are running it on a very old Compaq DL360 Server and it does what it needs to.

Or you can setup an OpenVPN (or any other VPN) on a linux/unix/windows box inside the newtork and then ‘dial in’ to that OpenVPN. There are OpenVPN clients for linux/unix/win/osx platforms, then you can access your network with private IPs over the VPN tunnel. I find it working faster than rdp/virtual desktop.