dear all,

Is there anyway to do hws easily?

Rightnow what i have done this far is: change all the customer SM to hws and the last will be the AP for that cluster.

Is there any external updater tool like set snmp, that can automatically do things and make life easier? :slight_smile:


  1. The old version Cnut tool, external tools will switch all the sm’s to hardware, test then switch the ap’s. I’m sure Jerry can show you the way to the tool. I don’t think moto supports it anymore.

There is an external tool that plugs into CNUT that does this for you. Works fine. Let me know if you need it

I went to HWS via CNUT1.1 but there is the option in CNUT2…
Or am I mistaken?

Dunno, I have not installed CNUT2.

Seems that there would be a HWS tool in CNUT2

We had to reload the older version, to make it work.

I just moved a rouge SM from SW to HW yesterday. It wasn’t on when we went to HWS last year.
Used CNUT2 to do it. Worked great.

I just right my own script… give it a list of IP, it logs into each, switches the scheduling and reboots…

if it fails to log in, it will tell me