We have 5 SM run in hws that always re-reg and must be restart every 15 minutes to make it able to communicate with AP(hws). We’ve try to change the adaptor, the possition, but still very unstable.

If we change it to sws, than all SM(p8) work fine, and dont have any issue at all.

if we change to new SM, no issue whatsoever.

All our AP is 2400 P9 and running hws.

Any clue?

Thank you in advance

Are the sm’s you are having trouble with the older P-8’s that you upgraded to hardware?

If so we had a couple of sm’s that didn’t work correctly after the up grade
we finally just replaced them. The units would work great after a reboot for about 10mins. then start to slow then quit.

yes, you are correct.

If we change to sws again, it work well with sws AP.