I am a newbie and have a question regarding P8 5700AP and P11 5700SM that will not connect.

I have a brother that is a farmer and he wants to share his internet connection from his house to a barn that is about 1/2 mile away.  (he has livestock and equipment that he wants to monitor)  I have a little more experience when it comes to technology than he does but I am not familiar with this stuff.

He had purchased a used AP and SM thinking that he would be able to get me to help him set it up with very little issue.  (boy was he wrong)

I can get to each of the unit web pages and have them setup for default, etc...... I have setup the frequency for 5750MHZ on the AP and setup the SM to Receive that frequency.  I have perfomed a Spectrum analysis and can definately see the AP is transmitting, but I cannot get the SM to register with the AP.

 I have been reading on the forums that it seems like my issue is that the 2 units are not setup for the same "Scheduling"  the AP is set for Software and the SM is set for Hardware.  I don't see anywhere in the Web pages on the unit that I can set them.  How do I do that?  I have also read that you can do it thru CNUT.  I have that loaded as well, but I don't believe I have the correct version or the Jar file.  I am not sure. 

Can someone please help me understand if I am just doing something wrong or if I need to get an older SM to talk to that AP or do I need to get something different altogether?

Thanks for your help anyone.


Can you share a screenshot from the home page and radio configuration for both antennas?

Thanks for your interest in my problem.

Here are the screen shots.

Hi Hetzjr,

From the screenshot that you have given it looks like the radios are on different software version.

AP is on 7,3.6 and SM is on 13.1.3.  you need to upgrade both the radio to the latest  software version . Note: Always you need to have AP and SM in the same software version for efficient performance. 

On the SM according to  Board type  the device is a PMP 430 so you can go to cambium website and download the PMP 430 latest software and install it on the SM which is 13.4.1


However for the AP could you please share with me what is the cyclic prefix on the radio. if you can share it with me I can look up and let you know whether it is PMP 430 AP or not. once i confirm it is PMP 430 then you can associate the AP and SM.

The procedure on How to Upgrade the Software is provided here


You  cannot directly jump from 7.3.6 to the latest version on the radio you need to go in steps given below.







You  can get these softwares here from this link.


Hi Gokula,

I’m pretty sure that those antennas are not PMP430.
As per screenshots, they are Canopy PMP100 and I think that the problem is that there is mismatch in hardware and software schedulers. So, please double check and support our friend.

Hi All,

Kindly check this, as I think it is a similar case, I wish it helps  ..


Also, check  ..




Thanks for taking a look at my issue.  But these are definately PMP100's.  Reading thru the links that Mohamed El-Damin provided, it looks more like the hardware/software scheduling issue.  But the links don't really match my situation.  I have a P8 AP and a P11 SM.

Reading some other posts it looks as though a P8 AP that is running version 7.3.6 can be setup for software scheduling mode thru CNUT.  But I don't know if this is true.  I believe I will need files to to this though and not being familar with CNUT I may need some assistance with it.

Maybe it is possibel to downgrade the P11 version to a different version where I can change it to hardware scheduling?

Again if that is possible, which version and do I need different files to do it than what is available on the websiite?


P8 you can make it hardware scheduling by CNUT, there is a option that will do that. I don't recalled the process from top of my head but look for early CNUT versions. I am sending you the Hardware scheduling, CNUT 2.20 and firmware release to update 8.1.4. Check it out and let me know how does it work for you. 


Maybe I am misunderstanding, but what you attached shows an image of a P8 SM running higher version.  What I think I need is to find out how to setup my P8 AP for software scheduling or my P11 SM for hardware scheduling.  Not sure what would be easier.

My P8 AP is running 7.3.6 (I believe that is the highest version that a P8 board will accept, according to other posts on the forum, but don't know if this is true)

My P11 SM is running 13.1.3

No where on the SM does it allow me to change the scheduling to match the AP scheduling.  (again I believe this is my problem, but I don't know for sure)

If any of this is possible, I would need to CNUT software or files necessary to do this.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Hi hetzjr,

Did you try to use the Hardware scheduler external tool in CNUT ??

Two comments to add to this discussion.

1 - What you want is to ENABLE hardware scheduling on the P8 AP.  THEN you should be able to update to newer firmware versions.

2 - current CNUT version includes Tools->ConfigureAdvantagePlatformScheduler, which will enable hardware scheduling on capable hardware.


Alright, now I might be getting somewhere......  So currently the AP is only running software scheduling and the SM is running Hardware scheduling?  For some reason I thought it was the other way around.  

How do I ENABLE hardware scheduling on the P8 AP?  I know it needs to be done thru CNUT.  Does someone have the steps on how to do it.  I know it has something to do with running external tool right?



you can find the procedure on how to update the software on the radioi using the procedure mentioned in this link.


or check the attachment

please check and if you are still facing problem then simply write to Support@cambiumnetworks.com or call the support number  for your region from this link for more assistance.


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First make sure you have the units already entered into CNUT, 'Refresh' successfully communicates with them, and you have checkmarks for desired devices in the list. (those that need hardware scheduling enabled)

If your version of CNUT looks anything like mine, go to the "Tools" menu and select "Configure Advantage Platform Scheduler" to open the dialog.  Make sure "Send Network Information" is checked, and tick off whichever option applies, 'selected branches' or 'selected elements'.  Click OK and it will run the script with each checked IP (and credentials and other bits) as input.


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OK that kind of helps.  I now know how to use CNUT better.  Thanks.

I was just browsing the release notes for various versions today and found that in "Canopy Software Release 9.5
Release Notes Issue 2 October 2009 " it states that a P8 AP cannot be upgraded beyond 7.3.6.  (See 1st attached screenshot).  Again, I believe that my problem is that my AP and SM will not talk to each other because I believe there is a software/hardware scheduling mismatch.

Is it possible for me to downgrade my P11 SM to version 7.3.6 and set it to software scheduling like it shows in that same release notes  (see 2nd screenshot) or will that Brick the SM because it cannot go down that low?  Not knowing what P11 SM's were originally released with I don't how low I can go.  Or if I am better off buying a used P8 SM and matching the software releases of the AP and SM.

The other issue I would have if downgrading is possible, is that I don't have access to software release 7.3.6 or anything inbetween it and 9.5.