I am an idiot.

So I have locked myself out of all my AP's and SM's but I do have them all on the cnM

I need to push this code to them to put them all on a vlan so I can get to them again.

        "mgmtVLANEnable": "1",
        "mgmtVLANVID": "70",
        "mgmtVLANVP": "0",

I have on AP I put on it before I did my stupid thing.. but live and learn, Im new to Cambium..

I went and looked at the section to push a config to all the AP's and SM's but Im lost, it wants a JSON file and.. sigh.. I just want the management on the vlan "70" which they can DHCP an address from so I can get into them again..

Are the devices showing as "Up" in cnMaestro ?  In other words, the management connection is still in tact ?

Yes, they all are.

You can create a template for this partial device configuration by navigating to CONFIGURE --> TEMPLATE.   Add a NEW template and paste the configuration text below.  Save the template.

Next, navigate to CONFIGURE --> DEVICES.   Select a parent in the tree which has the ePMP devices you want to change the configuration.  In the DEVICE TYPE pull-down, select "ePMP Sectors". 

Initially, try selecting one device, select the template you just created and scroll to the bottom of the screen to CREATE JOB.  Then click on the ACTIVE JOB tab and start the job. 

Confirm this works on one SM and then one AP before applying in bulk.


"device_props": {

          "mgmtVLANEnable": "1",

          "mgmtVLANVID": "70",

          "mgmtVLANVP": "0"



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