I can not access the other linked antenna

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Detail the situation: Connected from one of the antennas, I can not access the other through the link, I must be by cable (direct to the antenna or through a switch). In this place we have 3 sites connected by 4 antennas ePMP1000 (one in point A, 2 in point B, and 1 in point C). From A, I can not access the linked antenna, but I can access the others (and the same happens in the rest of the points).

As mentioned above, are ePMP1000 devices with firmware 3.2.2

I apologize, I'm from Argentina and I do not speak English well.


this is exected secuity behavior.  you can turn that function off so you can get to all of the radios under config >  then management access > change it to both ethernet and wireless.

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Thanks to both, I had overlooked those options. Everything is working properly. Regards!