I can't find any information for 5400SM (are they 430)

Good morning, I just started to manage an existant wimax setup, there are some ePMP AP and SM, but mostly there are SM5400. Most of the units have the release 11.2 installed, but there are some stocked units that are on 8.2.7 (hw version 061708).
My question is, where are the updates for these antennas located? I assumed the product have been renamed, if so, what is the current name? If they are 430SM where could I download the 9.0,9.5 releases that are missing?




Since these are 5.4GHz OFDM radios, they could be two flavors. The first OFDM radios we came out with are PMP 400. What followed closely after was the PMP 430s. (Lets call this Generation II of our OFDM radios.) If they had/have software version 8.2.7, these are probably PMP 400 SM (e.g. Model 5440)
If they are newer radios, then they are most likely 5.4GHz PMP 430 radios (e.g. Model 5480 or 5494) as we stopped making PMP 400 a while ago.

In any case, most PMP 400/430 radios can take software version 11.2. The PMP 430 radios may take newer 12.x and 13.x software. You can download software and release notes here:

PMP 400

PMP 430

Thanks for your information, I thought they were 430 so in case we want to upgrade to 450 in the future, those will have to be replaced either with 430 (in compatible mode) or with 450.
About the firmware, I read that it was important to apply some releases before upgrading, and I came up with this upgrade plan: -> 8.2.7 -> 9.0 -> 9.5 -> 10.3.2 -> 10.5 -> 11.2 -> 11.2.1 -> 12.2.2

Can I download 9.0 and 9.5 from somewhere? From 10.x onwards the releases are already on the site,



You should be able to download the 9.5 software from the PMP 400 side. Scroll down on the webpage https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/pmp400
You may skip over 9.0, and go straight to software release 9.5 for PMP 400.

There is no 9.x software for PMP 430. PMP 430 radios started with 10.2 software release.

Thanks, I’ll try it ASAP,


Hello Again,

Still can’t update those devices, their PN is 5400SMDD, and CNUT refuses to upgrade them altought I downloaded all the firmware for PMP400 series.

subir imagen

Ok, finally I could upgrade some of the devices, they are PMP100, not 400 or 430, so I’m on the right track now,


If they are PMP 100 you may go here: https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/pmp100
to obtain PMP 100 software.

The PMP 400 and PMP 430 software packages will have OFDM in the package name, while the PMP 100 will not. (e.g. “CANOPY122_2BUILDOFFICIAL_DES.pkg3” is PMP 100 package file.)

Thanks for your help, at last I could connect to the anntennas, and upgrade them accordingly.