I do out of warranty repairs

Hello everyone,

I am Thomas, the head of repairs at ISPTechnology. I have been doing out of warranty repairs of WISP gear for a few years now, and that it’s become my full time job, I figured I should start advertising my services, so here’s my shameless self promotion.

I specialize in the lower cost gear that nobody else deems worth repairing, and ship my stuff out with a fresh 2 year warranty. I’ve spent enough time rigging that I understand the value of QC, and up until now have subsisted on word of mouth through the facebook WISP groups. turn around time is typically 7 days in the shop, but sometimes I get a bunch of large orders in at the same time and it can take an extra week or two, but I do have rush service as an option. price wise, repairs range from 10%-50% of the retail refurbished cost, with extra discounts for bulk orders.

most of the cambium gear I work on are the 450-650 APs, the 3000 line (including CPES), and lately the epmp1000s.

if you have any questions, the best place to drop me a line is at our facebook page Redirecting... , or you can drop me an email directly at repairs AT isptechnology dot ca.

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