I don't understand how to upgrade canopyboot

I’m sorry if it’s an stupid question.
I don’t have trouble to update firmware with CNUT (currently, I got all firmware versión and waiting for my OK’s boss to start the upgrade process to 9.0), but I want to got the same canopyboot version on all antenas, but I don’t know how to do that upgrade.

Most of all antenas got canopyboot version 3.0, but 6 of all, got 1.0.

Can anybody give some help?

Thanks in advance!


1.0 is for P10 hardware and 3.0 is for previous boards

Yes, I realize that, so, isn’t necesary to upgrade, no?

no because boot3.0 was made for the older hardware to run hardware scheduling, for P10 it is not necessary since they were built from the ground up to h/w scheduling only.

if it needs upgrading, it will be done automatically from CNUT when you upgrade versions. There is no manual way of doing it and even if there was you wouldn’t want to, because you’d probably turn it into an expensive paper weight.


good point!

thanks for your answer

thanks a lot