I hate thunderstorms!

anybody else have all **** break loose on your network whenever a severe thunderstorm rolls through? seems every summer we get 2-3 that take out quite a few ap’s BH’s etc. its enough to drive you insane. is there anything that can really be done besides just have a crapload of spares ready when spring rolls around?

I researched this a few years back when we had our first lightning hit - there are lightning suppression/prevention bolt-ons for towers that can help make your tower a less likely strike zone. I haven’t purchased and deployed any of them because lightning isn’t a big problem around here but it’s certainly something to look into.

“Take out” as in wind damage or lightning/surges?

We got hit the night before last. Lightning took out 3 of the 4 90deg sectors on our main 900 array, a 5.7 omni, and my CMM and a syncpipe injector. It’s been a long 36 hours with multiple tower climbs. Ick.

http://aw.commscope.com/eng/product/tra ... 13597.html

We put this system on the last two tower clusters we installed.

We lost six AP's a couple of weeks ago on an older tower installation.

We just added this system on this problem tower that has so far, burned up 18 AP's in the last two years.

Time will tell and I will post any results we find.

On the newest towers, with this Andrew Grounding on the AP's and BH's, we have incurred no damage.

jwelch wrote:
"Take out" as in wind damage or lightning/surges?

as in the ap's/bh's are done, burnt, toasted.

and ill look into these grounding kits. although we lease most of our space so that might not be part of our lease to be able to do that

Lost a CMM and 900AP last year, this year we’ve been lucky. The sites have been solid through two strong storms but we have lost one customer SM due to close by strike and 4 customers have lost NICs (did not have surge surpressors inline). I use to love lightning storms, now I cross my fingers when the thunder rolls.

yea all the " romance" leaves thunderstorms when you get in this business

Did you guys make out ok last night VLAN? Looks like a lost one 2.4 Canopy AP but thats it so far.

no real problems except power outages. then again delmarva power does suck.

Didn’t lose the AP. Completely bent the reflector over. Never saw anything like it. Is at a marina. They had one of those big ICE things that hold like 100 bags of ice blow over too…