I have been struggeling for over a year with configuration.

Deos Cambium not have a 1,2,3 step guide of how to setup a small wisp?  I know everyone takes for granted that everyone knows what they are doing and don't need any help.  But when I commited to use exclusively Cambium equipment I was told there would be support and this forum is not my idea of support at all. So where is the support at? 

mark brown

While there's support for specific issues and problems in the forum, by email and also by phone, I don't think there's any options specifcally for guiding you how to start your small WISP from scratch (paging Seth Poche!).

I think a far better forum to ask these kinds of beginner questions would be the "wisp talk (newbies and startups)" forum on FaceBook. Another excellent resource is to join WISPA and attend WISPAmerica or WISPAPALOOZA conferences and take classes and ask lots of questions. Lastly, there are consultants who can get you up to speed quickly. If you're working with a Cabmium RSM, they should be able to point you in the direction of an authorized/certfied Cambuim consultant.

Do you have any experience in wireless, networking, IT, etc?

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With that line of thinking, any and every contractor who commits to buying Dewalt should be able to call Dewalt for Dewalt to explain how to do build a house.

Cambium does support their product, but just like Dewalt is not going to tell you how to build a house with their tools, Cambium is not going to tell you how to build a WISP from the ground up with their product. First of all, you can not do it with just Cambium products. Secondly it is not their place to tell you which router, switch, tower structure, etc to use, and how to make them work with the Cambium product. There is a ton of homework on your end. None of us woke up knowing how do build a WISP. It took a ton of studying and planning. The information is there, but you have to look for it. If you are not willing to look for it and love what you do, then this is not for you.  

Cambium is only a small piece of the puzzle to having a realiably working WISP. You really need a working background with radio, IT, or both. 

You have a very recent post asking for help with downlink capacity. We asked for more information so we could help. Instead of helping us help you, you make this post. Help is here if your are specific with your questions. You are not specific, including this post, and that makes it hard for anyone to help.