I have other bradn radio, how to flash to EPMP


anyone knows if it is possible to support other brand radios using ePMP Elevate? like Wisnetworks, they are using similar chipset compared to UBNT

Thank you all

Hi Richard,

Currently we don't have plans to support Wisnetworks.



You can find a list of the currently supported radio models here.

We'll keep an updated list current on the forums.



it could be very interesting, I have noted that WisNetworks and Ubnt Work very similar. In some devices we can find better hardware than Ubnt.

personally,  I have worked with both and I know that Ubnt its a very good brand, But when I tried WisNetwroks  my network performance get better. But now, Some  friends  told me that Cambium TDMA it working so fine on their  owns W-SIP. and some of them try changing their Base Station to Cambium and using their Ubnt devices. I would like to Try it, But I work only with WisNetworks .  I just migrate my network reciently.

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