I lost radio communication after the upgrade EPMP 1000 GPS radio V1.1.7 to V3.5 (Urgent!!)

Good Moorning, 
I lost communication with the radio epmp 1000, after upgrading from version 1.1.7 to 3.5. I tried power cycle reset,
Button Reset and Is there any way to recover the Radio.

I managed to make the radio connect tftp, however I need the restore files, someone could send me the link. Follow the print. 


In case it is GPS synced radio please try to reboot it 9 times in row to force boot-up from second memory bank.

Also please be aware:
ePMP radios running System Release 2.1 or earlier cannot be directly upgraded to System Release 2.6.1 or later.  Please upgrade to System Release 2.6 first, then upgrade to System Release 2.6.1 or later. Stepping through System Release 2.6 is not required if the ePMP radio is running System Release 2.2 or later

Thank you.

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