I need Help

Hello i´m new in this products but i need some help i was searching and i found the PTP670 my question is if someone knows if there is another product like the 670 that support the funcion of PTP and PMP a really want to know if someone know about this, or maybe with other brand because i was lookinh and i cant find anything

What are you trying to accomplish? Are there specific reasons you were looking at the PTP670 line? You can buy a license to use PTP670 for limited PtMP use.

A less expensive option would just be to use PMP450.

i read in the datasheet of this product that work in two ways in specific words something like this “HIGH-CAPACITY MULTIPOINT and POINT-TO-POINT IN SINGLE SOLUTION” “With the PTP 670, operators now have the flexibility to deploy not only in Point to Point topologies but also in High-Capacity Multipoint
(HCMP) Applications. HCMP allows for up to 8 remote nodes to connect to a single master radio opening up new deployment models
that enable rapid deployment, simplify planning and by using the same hardware regardless of topology a rapid return on investment
in equipment and training.”
And i want to know if there is another equipment witj this caracteristics.

Again, can you tell us a little bit about what you’re trying to accomplish? The PTP670 in HCMP mode is a very expensive, but robust way to provide PtMP services to a handful of clients. A possible use of PTP670 in HCMP mode might be for a government, educational, or industrial user to provide service to specific buildings across a campus where nNLOS, RF noise, or environmental concerns might be an issue. In another example, for WISP applications, most operators would choose to use the PMP450 line to provide PtMP services, due to it’s lower cost and greater possible subscriber counts.


Hello and you are right i know that in HCMP es expensive, but also you are right this is for a government application and i just want to know if there is another equipment like the 670?? maybe anotrher fabricant but with all the caracteristics like the 670 of cambium.