I need your help with updates

We are a small company with just over 100 clients and we are going to be doing updates in the near future.

First, we are currently using 7.2 and we will be upgrading to 7.3 before 8.0 comes out.

Next we currently have are BH’s in software scheduling and will be changing them to hardware after upgrading to 7.3.

Finally, we have older P8’s and P9’s SM’s. They are all on software scheduling, and we would like to get everything on hardware scheduling before the new advantage platform comes out.

What could you tell me that would help to minimize downtime or at least reduce the amount of down time during the upgrade.

I have only been doing this one week and have most of the terminolgy down so any information you can feed me would be well worth it…

Very New!!!

My best advice is to take it slow at first.

CNUT is a decent tool for updating firmware, but it takes a little getting used to.

If this is possible, first update an AP and its SMs that are physically close to you and easily accessable. That way if you do strand some equipment , jumping in the truck to fix it is no big deal.

I would also do the update first, then make the cut to hardware scheduling. When moving to hardware scheduling, remember to make the change starting the furthest down the “chain” and work your way back – or you’ll strand equipment.

Above all else, read, read, read. There is a tremoundous amount of information in the library:

Good luck, we’re here if you need us.