I only use the LINUX Slackware.. is the BAM running on that?

dear canopy technical team,

we are the first who use CANOPY here in our place…

i’m only using LINUX SLACKWARE>. is the BAM running on that?

please reply!

anyone can assist me… is the BAM software compatible with the SLACKWARE Linux?

ahmm… do u have any suggestion or tips in installing our BAM on SLACKWARE?

sorry man, tecnical support = 0 :frowning:
prizm software is a real fake…
prizm + windows = messy network

Slackware is not supported, and Motorola does not read these forums. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the only supported Linux. It will run on CentOS, that’s what I’m running on, but don’t expect any help from Motorola if you run it on anything but RHEL.