I want to allow each user to have their own lan set by their username/password

The scenario is as follows.  I am setting up a wireless system in a nursing home.  Each resident is to have access as do staff and guest/visitors.  I intend to set up a SSID for the visitors and use isolation to secure them from seeing other devices.  I will do a SSID for the staff which will not be isolated but wioll be part of the site LAN.  The problem for me is the residents.  I believe there is a way to set up a single SSID whichb creates a single VLAN for every user and thus sets them up with their own LAN,  This is ideal as it means I dont need to give each user their own SSID which would cripple the install.  Does anyone have any observations on this suggested install plan and does anyone know how to do it?

Cambium have this great feature called "ePSK" that will allow you to achieve just this.

Basically you have 1 SSID and you have multiple passwords assigned to that SSID. Each password is assigned it's own VLAN, when the user connects with their password they're assigned to their own vlan. All of their other devices connecting with the same password will go into the same VLAN.

I'd be happy to setup a webex session and show you how to configure this. It's Lee from Purdicom by the way.


Thanks Lee - that would be ideal