ICMP Code 4?

For no apparent reason, Norton Internet Security told me I was being ICMP attacked by a 900AP p9 running 8.1.4. So, I ran Wireshark to sniff traffic from said AP.

Indeed, the AP was sending out ICMP packets with a code 4. I googled this and have found that code 4 is a source quench… which leaves me standing here puzzled…

A: Source Quench? Has somthing to do with packet fragmentation is about all i got out of it.

B: Solution, ideas?

Yes, we see something similar once we upgraded to 8.1.4. On a tower with a cluster (6 APs) attached to a CMMicro which is attached to router, we see all the APs and SMs pinging (ICMP) the management default gateway (the router) about every 10 to 15 seconds. This causes a spike which affects VoIP and gaming on our network.

Please report what you are seeing to Moto Tech Support. I don’t think they believed me when I sent this one in to them. They asked about interference and a bunch of other junk that doesn’t apply.

Hi , Im writing from Mexico.

few weeks ago installed a a couple of BH, APs and SMs with 8.1.4 software version and we had the same problem for a few weeks.

After all the configuration and connections on the LAN, the Norton Antivirus begins to reports a warm attack for all the canopyes radios. All this trafic was ICMP Code 4 or 11. And then a lot of problems on LANs happened.

We just resolv this issue making a downgrade to a previus version of software.

Any body knows if this was a firmware issue or is a missconfiguration problem.


It seems that upgrading to 8.1.5 has resolved this issue. Are you guys finding the same?