I'd like to slow down a CPE

I have a CPE that has some interference. The uplink typically lives at qam64, but tends to bounce down to QPSK occasionally. The downlink is terrible and continuously bounces across the range of modulations from QPSK to 5/6qam64. I only need to carry a SIP trunk so my throughput needs are low, but I am dropping too many packets. I would like to de-tune the modulation on the CPE if possible to QPSK and see if this will stabilize the link. There does not appear to be a way to do this from the GUI. Anybody run into this?

AP RSSI: -78/-68 +/-1
AP CINR: 28/29 +/-1

CPE RSSI: -81 +/-1
CPE CINR: 24 +/-1

your link is fine, you need to adjust your backoff powers in the basestation, we have our up and down set to 5.

the CPE will bouce up to qam64 when passing traffic and when it is not it will “park” at qpsk until it needs to transmit again.