Ideas on how to make a partial config as a template to push changes in network across APs and SMs?

Hello all!

I am a newly hired NOC with experience with hands on config editing, remote config editing and pushing for many devices, but cambium equipment is a new one for me. I noticed that cnMaestro has a template feature, and I was wondering if it supports partial configs for making specific changes. 

For Example, let's say that I wanted to make a change on the password for the user "Admin" and change the PSK to something different.How would one utilize cnmaestro's template system in order to queue these changes in the event of a needed network wide user credential change and a PSK change? I would do this manually but we have over 900 active pieces of equipment, and a lot of our equipment is PMP450, so using an SSH mass queue does not quite meet the requirements i'm looking for. 

Thank You!

EDIT: I have found what I need for the user accounts. All I need is guidance on the PSK changes for PMP and ePMP gear. Thank You!


I've found a way to do what I needed with previous documentation. I will close this now, and show what I've done so that way if others have the same question, they can use a skeleton of mine and impliment it for their network. 

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